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Gema María Molina Esojo

My name is Gema Molina Esojo (I was born in Puente Genil the 24th March in 1987). When I was 13 years old, I started to create some painting works and I made innumerable designs of foldingfans that gave me experience on this area. During my first years, the artistic activity was related to the creation of portraits and personalization over hand fans and I also made some religious orders such as the oil over canvas for the Brotherhood “Santisimo Cristo Resucitado” located in Palenciana./p>

After that, I studied Fine Arts in the University Alonso Cano from Granada. As time went by, I could experience a great evolution in Pastel paintings and oil over canvas techniques. In addition, my academic training related to Restauration of Sculptures would open new ways to work in high decoration.

In recent years, I have made several projects based on rehabilitation when I took part in the staff of Rute´s School of High Decoration. During this period, I made important works such as the Rehabilitation of “Palacio de la Posada” in the street Granada (Málaga), which is the current Antonio Banderas’s Producer, and the redecoration of the theme for the popular chain of Gambrinus Restaurants.

My experience developed in the latest years brought me to open an online shop called “ARTE MOLIE” with creative designs over fans and personalized details. Through the website I sell handmade details. During the year 2013, I made many art exhibitions called ABANICARTE in several villages (Cabra, Montilla and Lucena), which were successfully visited and let me the chance to promote my pieces of works, all currently visible on the webpage.

I have personalized fans for musical groups such as MISS CAFFEINA, LA GUARDIA and ECOS DEL ROCÍO, with great impact on Social Networks as Facebook and Twitter. Futhermore I have sent handfans to a very recognized TV Programme called El Hormiguero 3.0, Radio Europa Fm as well as the staff of Europa Baila.

Between other orders I have made fans with the logo of Lucena´s Public Library, Condes de Santa Ana Palace, both displayed personalized fans. Besides, I have painted handfans with the logo Red de Juderías de España.

In May 2014, I created an account as details provider for Wedding in the website, offering original and personalized items. The most remarkable are personalized fans with the engagement details which include the date of the wedding and the name of the couple. As for accessories, I paint fans for Godmothers and brides which match their accessories and dresses for this special occasion.

In 2015, I won the Wedding Awards prize in so it meant that Arte Molie was one of the most recommended businesses as well as a better recognition for couple on this webpage.

Recently, I carried out the merchandising of personalized fans with the logo “Erase una vez Córdoba”, a pioneering business which offers legends and nocturnal routes in Cordoba´s Capital.

In fact, Arte Molie makes any design and sells national and international deliveries.

As for projects in 2015, I have made handfans for Brotherhoods and Asociations as Bando de San Roque located in Llanes (Asturias), personalized fans for Lawyer´s School from Bilbao (in particular for a General Congress that will take place in May).

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